Nebraska! Oh, there you are.

Like most Nebraskans, I have been taking all of Nebraska’s wonderful bits for granted. I have lived here my entire life, yet I cannot say I have ever been to Chimney Rock, or the Ashfalls, or dare I say it….Carhenge!! Not to mention all of the other under appreciated gems hidden in Nebraska like the Czech Festival in Wilbur, NE, Kool-Aid Days in Hastings, NE, any of the 25 wineries throughout the state, and the Boardwalk Back Into Timein Winnetoon,NE (where the hell is Winnetoon?!?!).  I think it’s about time to become a Nebraska tourist.

Proud Nebraskans

My 2012 New Year’s resolution is to be an explorer and lover of Nebraska.  To discover my state all over again. The first few months of my exploration will be focused on the Omaha/Lincoln area due to the realities of time, weather, and motherhood.  After that I am going to be runnin’ my ass-ka all over Nebraska!

Be sure to check out the Places I Hope to Go and add suggestions to my list!


3 thoughts on “Nebraska! Oh, there you are.

  1. Hey Chuck –

    I just noticed that you can do all this from your end. Click the little box under the comment that says “Notify me of follow-up comments via emai.” That seems to give you options to get new posts via email too.

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