S-NOW you’ve done it!

Snow Baby

Just a few days ago I posted about how wonderful the weather has been. Well, we finally got some winter today and an opportunity to torture our child in the snow.

Snow mound in the face!

The great thing about snow days is that everything seems to stop. It’s like you get a pass from your everyday life.  We didn’t worry about cleaning, or doing running errands.  We woke up and made bacon and eggs, then just laid around watching movies, took a family nap, drank cocktails, and ate pasta. Luckily, last time I made spaghetti sauce I made a lot of it and froze the extra so it was even a low maintenance dinner.

Snow Angel


Family Nap-time!

Today was just lovely. It reminded me of my favorite Christmas a few years ago when Brent and I were stuck indoors. We spent Christmas together drinking lots of wine and eating some make-shift spaghetti from ingredients we had lying around.

True love

So, as much as I claim to hate winter, today was a great day. Snow days are peaceful and necessary. Nebraskans need these winter breaks so we can fully appreciate our wonderful springs, summers, and falls.

Winter Wonderland


3 thoughts on “S-NOW you’ve done it!

  1. these pictures. are the cutest things I have ever seen, you ALL look gorgeous and adorable. the snow angel one….omg I need to come over and squeeze her now. you look beautiful. The back of Brent’s head looks sharp too.

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