The Good Life

Well, since I still haven’t had any Nebraska adventures, I better post a few reasons why Nebraska is so damn awesome!

The Good Life

Here are a few reasons…in no particular order:

  • Gerald Ford, Fred Astaire, Marlon Brando, Gabrielle Union, Malcom X, Alexander Payne, Henry Fonda, Jonny Carson, and Willa Cather are all born/from Nebraska
  • The only state in the nation with a Unicameral
  • We have the largest part of the Ogallala Aquifer…No water shortage here!
  • Really delicious local beer:  Hoplulia, Lucky Bucket, other smaller breweries
  • Home to the College World Series
  • Home to greenest restaurant in the country – The Grey Plume
  • Arbor day was founded here
  • Official state motto is: Equality before the law
  • Lincoln and Omaha are always listed as best places to live


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