Nebraska Passport

I am learning so much about my wonderful state and the opportunities for tourism.  I recently discovered Nebraska’s Passport Program.  Basically, you have all of these different tours you can go on.  Each time you visit a place on the list you get a stamp.  If you complete a tour you get a t-shirt, if you get 40 stamps they give you a Canon digital camera!!  There is a drawing at the end for an IPad.  So, basically, I picked a great year to become a Nebraska tourist!

I love how this article has a cute little map of all of the Passport stops.

I can’t wait to get my Passport and get that thing stamped up! It will be just like backpacking around Europe, except it will be by car……. with a baby …and less debauchery.  I am going to post all of my pictures of awesome Nebraska on Facebook and tell all those world travelers I know to “suck it”!


8 thoughts on “Nebraska Passport

  1. I love this idea! I’m going to look at see if Louisiana has something similar. This is the strangest state I’ve ever been in, I can only imagine what such a program would suggest I go see here.

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