O Pioneers!

Brent and my niece MaKaila outside of Pioneer Village

This is not a post about Willa Cather…that will come later. This post is about a trip to Pioneer Village  in Minden, Nebraska, a place meant to capture pioneer life but has also managed to capture the 1950’s….. as that seems to be the last time this place was updated.  There was a sign talking about how travel has changed so much comparing it to the cars and trains of the 1950’s.  There were also signs in all the buildings that said “No Smoking” as if that weren’t a given.

No Smoking!

The first part of the museum was filled with old cars, buggies, and planes.  They even had one of three replicas in the U.S. of the Wright Brothers planes (of course that sign was from 1950 so it’s likely not true anymore).

Trains, planes and automobiles

Our brief stop in San Francisco

Once you got through the main building you walked out into this faux village.  You could walk in all the buildings and see what the sod houses were like, the general stores, blacksmith shop, etc.  There were lots of photo ops.

We made sure we played the old-timey stick and hoop game which someone had to tell us how to do because we were too dumb to figure it out.

Brent and I also renewed our vows while we were there….why not?  I was wearing a white dress afterall.

After the wedding, Brent got serviced 😉

After seeing a barn full of fake cows, a building full of collections (pens, salt and pepper shakers, etc), and some stuffed animals, we were all arrested.   I ‘m not sure what we did wrong but it was humiliating.

We stopped in the gift shop on our way out and picked up a little something for Edith. What 7 month old girl wouldn’t want a pencil sharpener shaped like a gun?

The Kearney trip concluded with a trip to Tex’s Cafe. It’s this little diner that has been around forever or so it seems.  I remember going there as a kid and it hasn’t changed a bit since then (except it is no longer filled with cigarette smoke–thankfully).  I had biscuits and gravy and they were delicious.


3 thoughts on “O Pioneers!

  1. I loved this, Chels. Reminded me of when Jerry and I were young marrieds and made the same trek. Looks like the place hasn’t changed a bit!

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