The Most Beautiful Place in Omaha

Is Lauritzen Gardens! The botanical gardens is tucked away in this little corner of Omaha near the zoo. The place feels like somewhere else….not Nebraska-y.  I guess that is the beauty of the Nebraska….everyone thinks of it as flat and prairie but we actually have quite a few hills and trees too.


Brent and I are members so we get to go whenever we want! I especially love this now that I stay home with my babe. It’s good to have a free place to go to get out of the house. Brent is especially fond of the model train set that has different Omaha landmarks running through it. I am not sure when this all started but he is all of the sudden obsessed with trains and model trains…yes, I am talking about my 37 year old husband not a 7 year old boy.

On this particular day, my favorite part of the gardens was this crazy turkey. When we walked in there was a sign warning us that the turkeys are particularly aggressive this time of year.  Thank God they warned us!

Due to our very warm March, all of the trees were blooming.  Edith did her best to pose with us and the flowering trees and blooming flowers.

If you live in Omaha and have never been here put it on your to-do list and get there! It’s so beautiful and peaceful (unless you are being chased by a crazed turkey).  Someday Edith will be able to take pictures and I will be  able to post photos of both Brent and I in the same photo.  Until then…here are some nice photos of Brent.


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