Nebraska is home to some very delicious beers.  Nebraskans appreciate a good hearty beer, especially after a long day in the fields or the office.  I don’t know how many breweries there are in Nebraska but each time I have a Nebraska beer I am pretty impressed.  These are the few breweries I could think of:

Recently, Brent and I toured the Lucky Bucket Brewery and Distillery.  Lucky Bucket sells four types of beer (lager, IPA, certified evil, and wheat) and vodka. They will soon be selling whiskey and rum as well.  Apparently, whiskey has to “age” for three years so they have been working on this a while.Their vodka is distilled 23 times.  The owners have a patent on this distilling process.  Nebraskans are so innovative.

For the liquor!

Their beer is made from different grains (not corn and rice like typical lager beer–i.e. Miller Light). Many of the grains that they use are grown in Nebraska…woo hoo!  We  got to eat some of the roasted grains…which caused Brent to break out on his elbows (he is allergic to whole grains).   They tasted sort of like nuts I guess. The beer making process starts by cooking the grains in hot water for a while. After that the liquid is moved over to ferment for a couple weeks.  The liquor is made almost the same except it goes into this Willy Wonka type of contraption (see above) to be distilled.  I should have brought something to take notes with because I know there was a lot more to it but it’s hard to remember everything when you are busy drinking beer.

I have been buying a lot of Lucky Bucket lately because I have been trying to buy  local as much as possible and they sell it at HyVee.  I think my favorite is their IPA but their lager is good too. I am not a huge fan of their wheat beer, it’s very citrusy which some people might enjoy.  Their Certified Evil is really dark and tastes like coffee.  It takes a while to get used to but it’s pretty good if you like really dark beers.

For aging the whiskey and Certified Evil

It’s definitely worth the $6 or so it cost for the one hour tour (I had a Groupon so I am not sure how much they cost).  They have tours on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and the beer is available all over Omaha and in a few Midwestern states.


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