One Farm, One Farmer

One of the best things about having a weird schedule is the freedom to see friends and go places during the day.  This is especially great at this time of year. I have always loved summer. Being outside and in the sun is probably my favorite thing ever….which makes me think I should be a farmer (I know, I have mentioned this before).  Unfortunately, I don’t think I have the discipline and work ethic that it takes to farm.   Luckily, I know a farmer….and she says I can come visit her farm anytime.

My friend Danelle is the owner/farmer of One Farm. What a great name!  Her philosophy is that everything starts with one…one vegetable, one recipe, etc.  It just takes one step to change things. One Farm practices acroecology and is chemical free (Agroecology is the science of ecology applied to the design, development and management of agriculture. Agroecology takes into account the needs of the ecosystem and people in it.). 

 Maybe some day Edith will be a farmer. She was pretty excited about it all.

I met Danelle many years ago when I was young, beautiful, and working at 10th Street Grinder (rest in peace). Danelle worked at Lauritzen Gardens and would come down the street to the Grinder for lunch.  She was one of our best customers.  Flash forward about 7-8 years and she became the marketing coordinator at my last job.  I know it’s  a small world, but I am pretty sure that fate brought us together.  Danelle is one of the coolest people I know.   Her life is also really cool.  She works in marketing more in the winter, then cuts back her hours to farm in the summer.  Her family farms conventionally, and they let her have her farm on  a plot of their land.

Edith and I went out to visit her the other day.  Her farm is out in the Loess Hills in Iowa.  It was super windy, but the views were amazing.  They terrace the fields so they can farm in the hills.  When I saw One Farm, I couldn’t believe that it was maintained by One Farmer.  Like I said, I do not have the work ethic to do this.  She had her work boots on and a knife strapped to her belt.  She looked super tough…well she is super tough.

We went to her house in Logan, IA and she fed me all sorts of greens from her farm.  They were delicious and I am pretty sure that One Meal extended my life just a little.  As a side note, Logan has some sort of siren that goes off every day at noon and 6 p.m…no need for a clock there!

I love Danelle. I love that she is in my life. She is such a badass and an inspiration.


8 thoughts on “One Farm, One Farmer

  1. Great blog Chelsey–informational and fun to read. Edith is so cute and looks like she was enjoying the farm–she might be a farmer.

  2. Nice article. I agree, there are few people as cool as Danelle! Love that she found her passion and that she dug in with gusto. Continued success….and if you’ve not gotten food from One Farm, you’re missing out!

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