Platte River State Park

It’s official, we bought a Nebraska State Park annual pass for $25.  Now we can go to any state park this year! We really need to go to at least 4 more to make this worth our money but I think we can do that. Platte River State Park is right outside of Omaha in Louisville. It should only take about 25 minutes to get there from Omaha if you look at directions before you go instead of driving around in a big circle for another 20 minutes or so (oops).  It really is a nice park.  I feel like Mahoney State Park gets all the glory around here because of the water park but Platte River is nice too.  For instance, you can camp in a teepee at Platte River for $20 a night!  They also have cabins, but no tent or RV camping is allowed.

We were only there for a couple of hours but you could easily spend the day or a couple there.  There are trails, falls (small but still falls), horseback riding, an observation tower, swimming pool, paddle boats, the river, an archery and pellet gun range, and ice cream! We wanted to swim but it was pretty cloudy and the water was way too cold.  The staff was nice enough to give us our $8 back since we were only in there for about 5 minutes. We also forgot to bring Edith’s swim suit….here she is in just her swim diaper looking like a little boy.

We decided paddle boating would be a good alternative to swimming. Although we were concerned that they wouldn’t let Edith on the boat (her legs are too short to reach the paddles)…luckily they let us anyways.  It was a nice day for paddle boating, it wasn’t too hot and the clouds kept the sun out of our eyes. I enjoyed seeing Edith in her giant life vest. I was also glad to see all the cattails growing because I remember as a kid my dad would bring them home to me and I would then immediately destroy them.

After all of our hard work paddle boating, we had some ice cream. It was really sweet and tasted a bit like a campfire for some reason.  Being the wonderful parents that we are, we let Edith have her first ice cream at 9 months.  Oh well! No one is perfect.  She liked it but kept trying to grab it.  It was a mess!

I look forward to returning to Platte River State Park maybe to camp (in a cabin, I don’t think I’m up for the teepee challenge). Next time we will definitely bring our walking shoes, and Edith’s swim suit!


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