Nebraska City

There is a lot to do in Nebraska City and it’s not even apple season! We were there for about 24 hours and this is what we did:

When we pulled into town we headed straight for the Arbor Lodge, to get our Nebraska Passport stamped.  The lodge was home to the J. Sterling Morton and his family.  J. Sterling Morton was a journalist and highly involved in politics.  He founded Arbor Day in 1885, and over one million trees were planted in Nebraska that first year.  The home went through at least four renovations to become what we see today. It started out as a pretty simple farm house and in true Nebraska spirit,  they kept adding onto it throughout the years as the need arose and the money came in.  They only let you see about a third of the house, but we did get to visit the most important room, the bowling alley.

We knew we had time to kill before we could check into the Lied Lodge so we headed down the street to the Arbor Day Farm and went through the Tree Adventure.  The Tree Adventure reminded me a lot of Fontenelle Forest in Bellevue.  There were different paths you could take through the forest but we chose the shorter one. Despite the shade, it was still hot and the humidity was high.  If you look closely I am sure you can see the sweat on our clothes.  Every few steps there was a different “adventure” to partake in.  I personally enjoyed the giant spider web and the outdoor classroom that had several oversized xylophones.  On the way out they give you free trees. I am pretty sure ours are dead by now because we were lazy and didn’t plant them.  In our defense, we have about 3 1/2 full grown trees in our yard already.

We took a break after the Tree Adventure and went for a swim at the local swimming pool.  It was a nice pool and they even let the little kids use rafts in the pool.  Come on, Omaha, get with it! After Miss E took her nap, we had dinner at the Lied Lodge– Timber Dining Room. Brent had a big ol’ burger and I had a big ol’ steak.  Just thinking about this food makes me salivate.  The steak was like a big hunk of roast almost.  It was delicious and the veggies were roasted to perfection.  We sat right next to the window and enjoyed the view.  The next morning we ate breakfast on the terrace and enjoyed the sunshine and the trees.  In Nebraska City you have constant reminders of Nebraska’s beauty and that you are indeed in “Tree City U.S.A“.

After what we felt was a successful trip to Nebraska City, we started to head home.  Oh but wait, we got side tracked by the Missouri River Basin Lewis & Clark Interpretive Trail and Visitors Center.   We felt like if we saw it, we probably needed to investigate for any future visitors of Nebraska City.  This place was a little off the beaten path, but it was pretty fun.  There was a replica of a boat that Lewis and Clark would have used on their adventure across America.  We also saw many stuffed animals, as well as just their hides.  Since Nebraska City seems to be filled with lodges, it is only fitting that they had an earth lodge replica.  There were trails you could take to explore and once again we chose the shorter of the paths leading to the Missouri River.

When I told people we were going to Nebraska City, each one of them suggested we go in the fall and go to the Apple Jack Festival. I am pretty sure the festival is a Nebraska Passport spot so I think we might just have to do it!  After all, Brent’s a sucker for a good quilt show 😉


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