The Largest Porch Swing in the World

Last week I had the honor of visiting the LARGEST PORCH SWING IN THE WORLD (yes, that required all caps) in Hebron,NE. I will admit that it was the largest swing I had ever seen…but it was not on a porch! The park in which it was located reminded me of my childhood. They had one of those hamster wheel things and a big metal slide, both of which have since been outlawed in most cities. Hebron has their priorities straight in the park department: Fun before safety! Edith and I joined a couple of unsupervised tweens on the hamster wheel and I immediately felt like I was going to vomit.

Edith and I had stopped by Hebron after visiting Daykin and Deshler, Nebraska.  Our sole purpose for this mission was to pick up a quarter of a beef in Deshler, but before we got there we stopped in Daykin (or maybe it was Tobias) for lunch with my friend Amy’s parents.  They were the providers of said beef and they were kind enough to feed us a hearty farm lunch and give us a tour of their cool house and playhouse. I was very impressed by these Nebraskans, they had water pipes beneath the floors that heated the place, a giant garden, and a pantry full of food that Amy’s mom has canned. I have to say that the most impressive part was the playhouse.  Amy’s dad got the idea to make a European style cottage for his grand kids after visiting Germany. He built and created everything and even welded a spiral staircase; they had a neighbor build the kids some toy appliances.   It was great to see something in real life that you only ever see on Pinterest!

We were only in Deshler for about 10 minutes.  We came, we picked up a large amount of beef, and we hit the road.  It was a cute town and the lady at the butcher shop was really nice.  She was impressed that I drove 2 1/2 hours to pick up beef, I reassured her it was worth it. As we drove out we passed East Pearl Avenue and I had to take a picture for my Edith Pearl…get it E Pearl?


7 thoughts on “The Largest Porch Swing in the World

  1. Wow, this whole post has me in awe! I love love love the swing first of all, and I can’t get over the old playground equipment…NEVER would you see that around here! I love the playhouse too, how charming!! Your post really makes me want to visit this place asap!

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