Let’s go to the Races! SORC

The Sandhills Open Road Challenge is coming up this next week, August 9th-11th in Arnold, Nebraska.  I generally do not care about cars or races, but this racing weekend looks pretty amazing and the scenery is dreamy.   This description says it all:

“The Sandhills Open Road Challenge is a 55-mile rally style open road race through the scenic Nebraska Sandhills. Arguably the most demanding event of its kind in America, the SORC offers a daunting series of “S” curves, straights, and 90-degree turns to challenge the most talented of drivers.”

If the Sandhills aren’t enough to drag you there, maybe the burnout contest, barbecue, car show, or street dance will lure you there.   Car lovers should definitely check it out…and then report back to me (I unfortunately will not be able to attend this year). 

As most things on my journey to discover Nebraska I had no idea about this.  I got an email from Nebraska Beer describing a special edition beer can being created for this event. I highly recommend following Nebraska Beer if you live in Nebraska, drink beer, and like to support your local brewers as they post frequently about events and new beers around the state.


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