Toadstool Park

Toadstool Park is awesome! It was Brent’s favorite part of the trip and definitely in the top 3 for me.  If you have always wondered what it was like to walk on the moon, then I suggest you visit.  At the park you can hike through and see the layers of rock formed over millions of years by volcanic ash, and the rivers and wind that eroded the rock.  There are all these pocks in the rocks that are actually track marks from some ancient rhinos.


We went hiking pretty early in the day but it was still balmy.  The only way to carry Edith without falling into a cavern was to tote her around on my back with my Ergo.  At about the half-way point she started losing her shit.  I don’t know if she was hot or just sick of being on my back but she was sure to let me now she  was not happy by screaming in my ear.  A bench, in the  shade of a giant rock magically appeared so I took advantage and nursed Edith back to a normal state.  No one said traveling with a one year old was going to be easy.  Honestly though she did great and this was her only major breakdown and in her defense it was on day 5.



All in all, we had a great time at Toadstool.  We spent about an hour hiking around, but we took the shorter hike.  You could definitely spend more time exploring and looking for fossils.  You can also camp right outside the park.  It’s pretty primitive camping but if you are into that sort of thing…I am obviously not.  Please stay tuned for my final post about our trip around Nebraska!


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