2012 Reflections

The year is coming to an end, which means new resolutions and assessing this year’s resolutions.  Last year I made a resolution to appreciate the state that I live in. I think I did a great job of that.  I honestly discovered more of Nebraska in a year than I had in my life.  I read My Antonia (by Willa Cather- Nebraska native), I drove across the state with my family in tow for a week-long Nebraska extravaganza, I drank a lot of Nebraska wine, I blogged my ass off about Nebraska, I bought a cute Nebraska necklace, I visited the Omaha zoo many times, I planted a big garden…that wasn’t super successful  I spent many nights outside by the fire pit with my husband, I spent my days playing with my darling child and surviving motherhood, and most of all I just really tried to be thankful for my life–all parts, not just the Nebraska parts.

Now that the year is over, I am feeling sort of sad.  I made the resolution last year because I knew that Nebraska would like be my forever home. Nebraska is practical, sensible, safe, etc.  Omaha is a great place to live and raise a family. The public schools are decent, cost of living is low, there are a million things to do all the time, and you get to be in a city with the perks of small town living.  For some reason though, I have been thinking of my past dreams.  I wanted to move so badly, I wanted to live in New Orleans or Portland, even some place in Texas where the weather is warmer.  It is sort of heartbreaking to know that those things didn’t happen and probably never will.  My husband has lived all over…I guess that’s what he gets for marrying later in life and what I get for marrying early.   Don’t get me wrong, I love my life. It’s simple, safe, and full of love, but I also find myself craving adventure.  Maybe it’s because one of my dearest friends in Omaha is going to Sweden for 6 months. My heart is breaking that she is leaving. I would give my right arm to go visit her, but I know that the chances of that are super slim.  I am beyond happy for her…just going to miss her like crazy.  Luckily we will be going to Mardi Gras this year and we will get to see lots of friends and new babies.  I hope that fulfills some of my travel dreams.  I literally dream of traveling at least once a week.  So far I have been to Berlin, Paris, Disney World, and Hawaii; it has been great!

So I guess as this new year is approaching, I hope that I can continue to love and appreciate Nebraska. I hope I continue to be thankful.  I am very thankful to those of you who have read my blog and joined me on my adventures. I hope that you have seen something here that’s makes you want to love Nebraska too, or at least visit!

Lots of love to you in 2013.  XOXO


Two of the highlights from 2012 (three if you count Chimney Rock)

Two of the highlights from 2012 (three if you count Chimney Rock)


One thought on “2012 Reflections

  1. I love your quest, and I echo the heart of your journey. I can truly say that I will love Omaha until the day I die. Out of all the places I’ve lived, I don’t know if any other place has such a special place in my heart.

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