Brownville Flea Market

On our second trip to Brownville, NE, we went to the Memorial Day Flea Market. They have two huge flea markets a year, once during Memorial Day weekend and the other Labor Day weekend. All of the streets of this tiny historic town are taken over by antique and junk slingers. There were also plenty of county fair type food stands, and even pony rides. Yes, you could get funnel cake. No, we didn’t get funnel cake.

We weren’t really on the hunt for anything but came home with some pretty sweet finds. Brent bought a couple of drinking glasses that had orioles on them, and I came home with some pretty sweet jewels. My first attempt at “dickering” was a complete flop. I wanted these two 1960’s pyrex bowls and in trying to get a good deal, I offered the guy $2 more than what they were worth. He looked at me strangely and I realized what I had done. I think he felt pity for me and ended up giving me $6 off the asking price. After that I did not dicker again.

After looking through most of the junk we stopped at Whiskey Run Creek Winery. I had purchased a Living Social deal a few days before that I was excited to use. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no cell phone service in Brownville so I could not bring up my deal on the phone. This means there will be another Brownville trip this summer! We still had a nice time sitting on the patio drinking wine. You can buy their wine in several Omaha Hy-Vee’s. I am a big fan of their Robert’s Back 40 and Chambourcin.

We were also able to get our very first Nebraska Passport stamp of the year at the Lyceum, which is a nice little restaurant/bookstore. I don’t think we will make any large treks across Nebraska this year to get all of the Passport stamps but there are still a lot within an hour or so of the Omaha area. Here’s hoping to many more Nebraska summertime adventures!