My Next Decade…the 30’s

I have realized that I have 10 years left in my 30’s..minus the few months that I have already wasted. I saw a post on Pinterest the other day of how to make the most out of your 20’s. I didn’t read it but it inspired me to think about my next 10 year span of life. I was a mess in my 20’s and they always say the 30’s are better. I don’t think I truly appreciated my youth in my 20’s. I was fighting a constant battle between being a grown up and being young and wild…which basically equals a mess. Now that I am 30 I no longer feel young and wild but wish I still was. I don’t want to let my best years of the life I have left to slip by me. So I have decided to put in writing the things I want to remember for the next 10 years. I’d hate to look back and think I wasted my life worrying about silly things or thinking I’d always have more time. This is my reminder. This is not what I think anyone else should do, but a reminder to myself of the person I want to be for my next decade.

The only photo I have from my 30th birthday, despite having a party and wearing a sparkly dress. I wish my husband was in this photo too but I am happy that some of my other favorites are. Maybe I should add take more photos to  this list!

The only photo I have from my 30th birthday, despite having a party and wearing a sparkly dress….maybe I should add take more photos to this list!

Here are the 10 things I want to make sure to do in the next 10 years:

1. Do fun things (yes, I realize this is ultra general).

Get out and explore. I want to make sure I don’t quit trying new things: New food, new drinks, new activities, new places, etc. When you are in your 20’s you are up for anything, which is pretty beautiful. I don’t want to quit pushing myself.

2. Appreciate my time as a mom of little kids.

I will not have teenagers in my 30’s. I need to step back and remember this when I am frustrated with my toddlers. Having young children is awesome. They are bright lights in an often dark world. Teenagers are a different story. I will appreciate being young with my kids.

3. Discover a balance in my roles as worker, mom, wife, friend.

Admittedly, my career hasn’t been my life since having kids but I still find myself thinking it SHOULD be. I hope to find something satisfying that also allows me to be available to my kids. I am not sure who created the 40 hour work week, but it’s not really conducive to having children. Even school days don’t go 8-5. This is ludicrous. All I am asking is for something that is fulfilling and mom-friendly (oh, and pays the bills).

4. Date my husband again.

We need to prioritize this time together. You always hear how hard it is to be married and have small children. I think it must be harder when you are raising teenagers. For most of my 30’s I will not have a newborn or be pregnant. This is the time to get out and not be parents for a few hours a week. Also, not only am I the youngest I will ever be, so is my spouse (even though he is 9 years older than me). We need to appreciate this time we have together while we are young and gorgeous human beings. Not to mention, I love my husband and he is my favorite person to be around ever.

5. Appreciate my inner and outer beauty.

When I was younger I always thought I needed to be skinnier and prettier. Looking back, I realize that I was already just fine as I was. I am officially and adult now and I don’t feel like there is any more room for self-doubting. Having two daughters also makes me understand that role of a mother’s self-image on her daughter’s self-image. I know that I never want my babies to think less of themselves or beat themselves up. This has to start with me having a positive image of myself.

6. Celebrate my friendships.

It only took 30 years, but I have somehow gained a collection of amazing female friends. These people keep me sane and energize me. When I am having a rough time or need a pick me up, I know a night out with my girls will make me 100 times happier (for at least a few days). I feel honored to have successful, insightful, brave, and beautiful friends who make me want to be a better person and who make me feel loved. It is refreshing to be with people who you can talk to, laugh with, and be an adult with.

7. Make do and mend.

This has been an ongoing goal of mine. From gardening to sewing clothes, I want to get better about becoming more self-sufficient. Gardening has been such a source of peace and joy in my life. I want to continue to learn more about gardening and canning. I also hope to be more creative with what I have by re-purposing and redesigning.

8. Give myself a break.
My husband tells me most days that I am way too hard on myself. I think for some reason I need to have life all figured out. I think he knows that this is an unrealistic expectation (as I said earlier, he is older, and by default, wiser). With social media, TV, celebrities, and what not, it’s hard to not compare myself to everyone else. I can only do my best and not let myself completely fall asleep. I do think regular self-reflection and improvement is important, just as long as I do it on my own terms and for myself…not to be perfect or like someone else.

9. Take care of my body.
Yes, I finally realize that I too will get old someday. This is the only body I am given. The better I take care of it now, the better off I will be to enjoy my life when I get older. I am not talking about looking like a celeb, but I do want to eat right, exercise, and make sure that I keep myself physically healthy. I know how strongly physical health relates to mental health which is also a motivating factor. I don’t want my body to keep me from doing the things I love throughout my life.

10. Travel.
I put this at the bottom of my list because it’s hard to say how feasible it will be. I really want to make it happen though. I want to continue to explore Nebraska and our surrounding states, but I also want to make sure that I get out of the country at least once in the next 10 years. I don’t want all of my vacations to be “family” ones, but I do hope that I get to take my kids to some fun places. I want to travel with my husband and also make it a priority that he and I also get solo vacations to visit our friends or just get a few days of alone time. When I think about the next 10 years and planning MAYBE one trip a year. That breaks down to 1 out of the country trip, 2 solo trips (1 each), 3 trips just as a couple, and 4 family trips. That doesn’t seem like much when you look at it that way.

What will you do with your next decade?


2 thoughts on “My Next Decade…the 30’s

  1. Love your list. Love that you are insightful enough to create your own list.

    “Be still and know. . . ” I struggle with it, but whole heartedly believe when I live it I am living the life I dream to enjoy. . .

    Love you!

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