30. Part 1.

I am just rounding the orbit to year 31 of my life. Since I made an unofficial bucket list for my 30’s I thought I should review my progress based on my last year of life.

Here it goes:

1. Do fun things.

I have done a few fun things this year. One favorite memories of the year is going to Jenny Lewis with friends and singing along at the top of our lungs. Another favorite memory is sitting around a fire with my husband, best friend, and brother-in-law talking and laughing.

2. Appreciate my time as a mom of little kids.

Edith amazes me daily. She says some of the strangest things and her imagination is always on the run. I am awed by her. Bette is just the best baby. She smiles constantly and loves to laugh. I could not have asked for a better second child.

3. Discover a balance in my roles as worker, mom, wife, friend.

This year I transitioned to another job. While it is not a super professional/fancy/high-up position, it was a good change. I have found that working 30 hours a week, and being home with my kids 2 days a week is pretty good balance. I also make time to see my friends at least twice a month.

4. Date my husband again.

We have gone on a handful of dates in the past year…not nearly as many as I’d like. I guess we will have to keep working at this one.

5. Appreciate my inner and outer beauty.

This is still a struggle for me. My body has changed after having two kids. I also chopped all of my hair off and most days I don’t see myself as very feminine. I guess it’s about appreciating my new looks.

6. Celebrate my friendships.

The first half of the year I was digging through motherhood and was not able to connect with people. The second half of the year I am still struggling to find time for everyone, but certain friendships have grown stronger than ever. I am grateful for this.

7. Make do and mend.

I did not have a successful garden this year. I blame the weather, but I am sure my grumpy neighbors would say it was because I didn’t pull my weeds. On the plus side, I have barely bought any new clothes. So I think I get points for that.

8. Give myself a break.

I am trying. Not only am I trying to give myself a break from being a good mom/wife/worker etc. I am also trying to let go of guilt and unrealistic expectations. I do have to focus on myself and my family right now. Later in life, I may be more available to others, but right now I am not.

9. Take care of my body.

For part of the year I was pretty good about going on regular walks and runs. This has not been very consistent.

10. Travel.

Well I did go to Long Beach, CA with Brent and Bette this year. As a family, we went to Seward, NE and Brownville, NE for day trips. Besides that, the thought of overnight travel with two kids is horrifying to me. We will not be traveling for a while.