Christmas 2015. A review.

Let me start this blog by sharing my true feelings about Christmas. I have not liked Christmas since I was maybe 18 years old. Since then I have dreaded every moment of it. Now that I have 2 small children, I put on a brave face, I try to enjoy it and make peace with it.  This year in particular, I feel like I kept the holiday spirit in my heart until about December 19th. Then it left me with my normal cold dead heart.

So. Here is how Christmas was this year for the Kosterpelding clan.

We woke up (at 7:30! woo woo) Christmas Eve to tons of unexpected snow. The flakes were giant. It was beautiful. We took the girls out to play in the snow. Bette hated every minute that she wasn’t being fed snow. Edith loved it. Our neighbors came over and we took turns running them down our driveway in a sled. Luckily traffic was pretty slow that day and there were no fatalities. A bit later we came inside and had a pretty warm snuggly day. We drank hot cocoa. Took naps. Then opened up our family presents. Brent bought me a beautiful onyx ring that I am hoping shields me from the remaining negativity that 2015 might try to sneak in (so far not working). As we were preparing to go to my in-laws house, Edith fell on her face and busted her chin. This resulted in her 3rd set of stitches for 2015.  I was mad as hell at her. She was brave and quickly recovered after the hospital.


Christmas morning! Yay! Santa brought a bunk bed to the girl with the busted chin. Not a wise move. Bette is teething, or has a cold, or a combination and is completely miserable. The day is nuts. 2 crazy kids who just can’t seem to control their emotions=2 crazy parents who can’t control their emotions. But we survive and go to the in-laws for more family time and Edith gets to bond with her teenage cousins.

The next morning we go back to the in-laws for MORE PRESENTS! These 2 children are flush with gifts.  It is very exciting. Then we go home for Christmas celebration round 234 (or that’s what it feels like). My family comes up and they bring the children bikes (per my dumb ass suggestion). Clearly if my kid can’t handle standing on a couch she can’t handle a bike. But whatever. They must learn! There is a great deal of bike riding around the house that happens and is super cute and fun.

The 27th is celebrated by spending time with my parents. I get to try out my new juicer and feel a glimmer of hope about how great 2016 is going to be when I am juicing my face off. I am completely wiped out by the time my parents leave and fall asleep in a ball on the couch. The rest of the day is spent in survival mode until we can put the kids to bed.

I tell you my truth not because I am a selfish hateful human, but because I am human. The holidays are stressful for me. However, I am grateful. My kids are healthy, and somewhat safe when they are not putting themselves in harms way. Our family came from near and far to visit us in this cold place. We all received many beautiful gifts. We are warm and cozy.  We love each other…for the most part. And I am also glad it’s over.

Happy New Year! May 2016 be safe, glorious, peaceful, and may this year’s calendar end at December 23rd!


A picture of me in all of my holiday to cheer to show you I am not a monster. Weirdly cut out due to randos in the background.


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