About Me:
I am spent my first 18 years in the middle of Nebraska, a town called Kearney.  After that I made my move to the big city of Omaha where I have lived ever since.  I went to college here, met lots of friends here, fell in love here, got married to said love here, got a masters degree here, got a a tiny annoying wiener dog here, and had the most beautiful baby here in Omaha.  Kearney is where I got to physically grow up, but Omaha is where I did my real growing.
My Nebraska Act:
After I had my sweet baby Edith I realized that Omaha would probably be where I spent the rest of my days.  The days of once wanting to travel and leave Nebraska quickly faded.  I started to realize that due to the realities of life I would be raising my children here.   If this was to be my reality, I should enjoy it.  It quickly became clear to me that I need to be one of my state’s biggest fans.  Not only for me, but for my children (hoping there will be more than one someday) and for other young Nebraskans.  We all choose to stay here so why not celebrate all of the great things about this place?
More About My “Journey”:
In addition to my year of Nebraska re-discovery, this year will be like none other in my life (couldn’t that be said about all years?). This year will be my first full year of motherhood.  My job as a Farm to School Coordinator ended in March. Now I work nights and spend my days with my baby.  This leaves me with the opportunity to use my creativity.  I am still figuring things  out but I am glad I get to spend the rest of my time trying to be a good mama, gardener, crafter, cook, and of course a Nebraska explorer….all while maintaining my current standard of living which includes obsessively buying nail polish and red lipstick, and imbibing in craft beer.

Durham Western Heritage Museum- Omaha, NE


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