Bellevue Berry Farm, Take 2

This weekend we made it out to the Bellevue Berry Farm in the nick of time to pick strawberries. It was their last weekend and they assured us it was very picked over. But it was a beautiful morning, and nothing was going to stop us…except maybe the few peacocks who were guarding/mesmerized by the soda cooler.


We were out in the fields for about an hour. We managed to avoid most mosquitoes an any other unwanted critters. Although, Brent claims he saw a field mouse when we were pulling up. His dad disagrees claiming it was probably a ground squirrel or something like it.

Future Farmer of Mud

Future Farmer of Mud

The strawberries are grown organically and taste delicious. Apparently even the dirt tasted good (according to Baby Bette). We picked about 6.8 pounds between the four adults and 2 children in our crew. Although, I am sure we ate a good half pound while picking.  Bellevue Berry Farm continues to deliver.

Berry Bette

Berry Bette

The bounty.

The bounty.



It’s not just corn!

I was recently able to tour a couple of Nebraska farms through a Farm to School Retreat and Farm Tour hosted by my current job.  Nebraska is an agriculture state and most people think  of corn when they think of Nebraska…we are the “Cornhusker State” after all.  However, Nebraska is home to many small farms and ranches like Common Good Farm and Robinette Farms that grow all sorts of fruits and veggies, as well as raise chickens, pigs, and cattle.

A natural with the chickens

We started off at Common Good Farm where they told us about biodynamic farming and their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. They had the cutest little corgi that demanded everyone’s attention.

Confident Corgi

Robinette Farms was beautiful. It was nestled on an original farmstead where the old buildings and farm equipment was still around, just waiting for someone to use it.  Luckily, two young farmers came along.  The old house is still standing and they let their summer interns live there.  Their pigs live in the woods, and their chickens wander the grounds.  It seemed like it was taken right out of the Wizard of Oz or something.


It was a gorgeous day. The sun was hot and the wind was gusty.  It was a perfect March day in Nebraska.  At the end of the day I smelled like sunshine and dirt.  I frequently dream of becoming a farmer.  Spending long days in the sun, working in the dirt often seems very appealing.  However, after hearing the stories of these wonderful people who grow our food, I don’t think I am cut out for it.  As much as I want to smell like sunshine and dirt everyday, I don’t think daily physical labor is something I am cut out for.   I guess I will just have to continue as a happy gardener instead…and maybe get some backyard chickens!

On that farm he had some chickens